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Who is the motorcycle rider?

Adrian Harry performs all the shows.  Adrian has a succession of national and international awards in motorcycle trials riding including countless South Australian Champion titles, two Victorian titles and three Australian Championship podium finishes.  He was also selected to represent Australia four times at the ‘Trials des Nations’ overseas – the Olympics of motorcycle trials.  International achievements include four European podium finishes, five ‘Special First Class’ awards in the world-renowned Scottish 6-Days Trial and two ‘Silver Spoons’ in the famous Yorkshire ‘Scott’ Trial.

How long does each show take?

We usually limit each show to 15-20 minutes.  We can perform up to 3 times a day and can fit in with the organiser's timetable of events.

What is provided?

Our Shows are fully self-contained, all we ask is access to 240v power to run our PA system.  But if providing power is an issue, we can provide our own silent power at an additional small cost of $55/day.  We provide our own full public address system including microphones and speakers.  We also provide our own bunting for crowd control.

Are the shows weather restricted?

We can perform in most weather conditions (including wind and rain, although it will be trickier!).

Is the motorcycle noisy and will there be surface damage?

The bike is very quiet so we can perform in sensitive areas, e.g. near horses.  The bike is very light and minimal surface damage is done.  Spectators on grassed areas cause more surface damage than the bike, believe it or not! (we have a picture to prove it).

What are the performance rates?

We have a standard day rate as well as a 2 and 3 day rate which includes up to 3 performances per day.  Please contact us for further information.





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