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Adrian is a top professional athlete with over 25 years of experience on a motorcycle.  He has a strong passion for moto trials and promoting the sport, especially to junior riders who are after all the future of the sport!

All shows come fully self-contained, featuring one rider, one commentator, a trials motorcycle, a custom built stunt truck and various smaller props including the new mini electric trials bikes!

We can also include extra props such as cars, scaffolding, cement pipes, skip bins or just about anything you can put in Adrian's way - he'll try it!

A crowd control barrier is also provided along with full insurance cover.

We can perform on any surface with a minimum size of 15m x 25m and no surface damage is done.  We can also perform in most weather conditions and the truck is quick to set-up and dismantle.  The truck can even be driven onto an area, assembled, perform a show then dismantle, all within half an hour - we are 100% hassle free entertainment!

We are based in the Adelaide Hills and travel throughout Australia performing at country and royal shows, motor shows, field days, festivals and can also be tailored to suit any particular event you may have.  Plans are already underway so parents can book Xtreme Trials Show to perform at their children's birthday parties!

We interact with the crowd both before and after our shows and give our audience a chance to get up close to the bikes and ask us any questions they may have.  Adrian will also pose for pictures with the spectators after the shows and give children an opportunity to get their picture taken on the bikes!


Adrian mingling with the crowd at the Coober Pedy Opal Festival...


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